Jay Wiseman is the charming author of such BDSM resource books as his Erotic Bondage Handbook and SM 101: A Realistic Introduction.

Mr. Wiseman also speaks, practices and gives workshops on bondage and BDSM safety across the U.S. His lecture style is clear and unassuming, and he writes in much the same manner. This comes across in his books and essays, which are easy to read and understand. Jay's work is excellent for people new to the BDSM scene, and his books have a sense of humility and levity which is often absent in BDSM themed literature.

He has written many essays on various BDSM related topics, focusing particularly on safety, especially potential risks associated with different types of play*, for one example, breath-play, and less obvious issues like melanoma risks during impact play. He also makes a point of the importance of basic first aid, CPR/AED and basic life support training for practitioners.

As an EMT in the San Francisco Bay Area for over thirty years, Mr. Wiseman continues to provide well-supported insight, foundations and new ideas, to kinksters new and old.

Mr. Wiseman founded the publishing company that became GreeneryPress, one of the two largest sources for sexually diverse information in the USA, through which his books are distributed.

*Play = a cute euphemism for practicing BDSM.

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