Born Jason Christopher Marsden, on January 3, 1975 in Providence, Rhode Island, Jason Marsden has become a very prominent live action and voice actor. He graduated high school early, at the age of sixteen, so that he could pursue a career in acting. Jason's most well known for being in the series Eerie, Indiana, and most recently as being the voice of Haku in the spectacular animated film, Spirited Away. In addition to a plethora of television and cartoon roles, Jason has also lent his voice to a variety of video games and commercials.

His father, Myles Marsden, founded the Rhode Island State Ballet, and his mother, Herci, is a model and dancer. Jason also has two older brothers, Rick and Mark, and an older sister, Ana, none of which are currently in show business.

Since my early years of watching television, I have been surrounded by Jason Marsden. He had guest roles (which occasionally developed into more permanent roles) in some of my favorite childhood programs. He was a possible boyfriend for DJ on Full House, best friend to Eric on Boy Meets World, best friend to JT on the show Step by Step and the voice of Calvin on the Gummi Bears. He even voiced the main character Max in one of my favorite childhood movies, A Goofy Movie. The movie that actually associated the voice/actor with the characters I knew him, was Spirited Away. To this day, Jason Marsden's voice finds its way into many different mediums that I frequent. He is the voice of Tino Tonitini on one of my favorite cartoons, The Weekenders, and voiced a few NPCs in one of my all time favorite games, Knights of the Old Republic.


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*If he appeared multiple times in a series listed, the date given is the year of his first appearance on the show.

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