Jason was born at a very young age, in New Westminster, BC, February 17, 1971. He is now* 30 years old. His childhood was cancelled due to a lack of interest.

He received a bump on his forehead in first grade, in a game known as "Girls Kiss the Boys", in which the boys are to run around, and the girls are to chase them, catch them, and kiss them. Poor Jason was being chased by Agnes, a girl in the second grade, five and a half feet tall (already starting to grow breasts), dressed in a god-awful pink-coat with "this fur thing", gangly, awful...
She chased him through the deep gravel, her with big steps, he scuttling as fast as his little legs could carry him. A quick look behind him, resulted in a trip, careening him forward into a cement reconstruction of a train, headfirst into one of the railcars. Agnes caught up with him, he screaming and bleeding, and kissed him.

At seven years old, Jason fractrured his right ulna, playing soccer (as a goalie, that day), and a when a 13 year-old took a shot, the ball sailed toward the net, and was heroically blocked by Jason, breaking his arm.

Career History
Standup Comedian
Graphic Designer
Freelance Writer
Stockboy - Real Canadian Superstore, - toilet paper, dog food aisle - graveyard shift.
Clerk - 7-11 - graveyard shift
Busboy - Venus Place - Greek restaurant with "the most chauvinistic bosses"
Announcer for Douglas College Basketball and Volleyball
Writer and Recorder for CBC radio

He has visited many small towns between Vancouver, and the Alberta/Saskatchewan border, and has traveled both seaboards of Canada and the United States of America. The only time he left the continent was on a three-week trip to Japan in 1987, on a school exchange.

Education History
Physics major at UBC
Various theatre workshops
Improv at VancouverTheatreSportsLeague
General Studies at Douglas College

Jason is described alternately as "an incredibly funny, warm individual" and "a pompous windbag", somwhere between which the truth surely lies. He can be driven, focused, enthusiastic, and at the same time, lazy for days on end. This* last week, he subsisted exclusively on Girl Guide Cookies and Pepsi.

He used to be highly involved in Douglas College's The Other Press, but is now a lurker, a dinosaur, and an old troll. However, to his credit, he still has a big crush on the enchanting Angel, who works there.

His is currently* looking for a roommate, and is considering taking in an international student (from Ireland). He is a non-smoker, and only an occasional drinker, altough many people upon meeting him think that he drinks.

At 5"8 and 190lbs, Jason speaks English, and "un petit peu de francais". His preferred music includes all save rap, even appreciating the odd country song, particularly Ween's country album 12 Golden Country Greats - (Piss Up a Rope, to put too fine a point on it).

Jason broke a phalange in his baby finger, when after being puched in the eye, and unable to return a blow to the offender, hit a newspaper box instead.

In three years, Jason sees himself being in Toronto or doing radio/newspaper work in "some tiny little town, somewhere".

His is currently* President of the Vancouver chapter of the Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC), and just joined the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Has fish
3 Black Mollies
1 Dalmatian Molly
5 Striped Tetras
1 Autocat
1 Pleco
2 Siamese Fighting Fish
1 African Dwarf Albino Frog - M'butu Mungbeam by name.

*This thing all things devours.

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