I was walking and talking with this sort of Muppet-dog-like animal that was made out of a cinnamon loaf. We were walking up to my building, and the cinnamon loaf animal was telling me that it wasn't cinnamon that was sprinkled on it, it was chilli powder. It was saying that it was really low in fat. It didn't like the insinuation that it would be made out of fattening cinnamon loaf material. I put my nose up to the cinnamon loaf animal and smelled him, and said that he sure did smell like cinnamon. The cinnamon loaf animal was also sliced into slices at the top.. but the slices did not extend all the way down, so the animal didn't fall apart..

I notice Miss Piggy is walking up behind us. Miss Piggy was my girlfriend. I knew she wanted me on a diet and would want some of the cinnamon loaf, so I start to take a few bites out of the cinnamon loaf animal while pretending not to notice her. (this didn't really hurt the cinnamon loaf animal I don't think) I did this just to goad her teasingly. She comes up behind me and "catches me" and she's furious just like I’d expected. I just sort of wink at the cinnamon loaf animal and begin my protestations of innocence. She's saying that she saw me eating that cinnamon loaf, why didn't I get a slice for her, and I shouldn't be eating cinnamon loaves anyway because they're too fattening. We get in my building and into the elevator. She chases me in while sort of rapping me on the legs with her umbrella or something.

The elevator goes up, but goes to the wrong floor and stops and the door doesn't open. Shit. We press another button and it goes to another (wrong) floor and the inner door opens but the outer one doesn't. I try to pry the outer door open but the elevator starts to swing and I almost fall out and down the shaft. This is pretty scary. Miss Piggy suggests we press a low floor then at least if the elevator falls we wont' die. I agree, we press lobby. But the elevator keeps going down and we go out the bottom of the building into this sort of open construction area. It was like it was an unfinished building and the bottom few floors had not been built so there was just the four supporting columns at the four corners of the building but no walls. It was night time and the ground was just dirt like at a construction site.

The elevator (Which is now a just a sort of basket) stops maybe 25 feet from the ground. We're just dangling there. We have to be careful not to tip the basket. There are people walking around (I think we were close to a subway station and people were going there) so of course we yell for help. After awhile people start a concerted effort to save us. Miss Piggy at one point suggests we try going up, I do. But because we were swinging (I don't know, our basket kept swinging all the time, making the rescue more difficult) we were going to miss the hole that went back into the building and our heads were about to be smashed in against the ceiling.. Just before this happens I was able to press the stop button.

So we get back a bit lower, and some guy decides to drive his car over and park it under us, so that we can jump off onto his car.. anyway his car is a ragtop so it's not like we can stand on it.. but still we're not very high up and I'm telling Miss Piggy to jump for it, but she's scared. One guy was sort of laying on the car, I'm not sure why... But this other guy decides to drive his car on top of the first guys car so that the cars will be even higher and we can jump off onto them. But he doesn't realize that the first guy is laying on top of the car and he drives over him and kills him. Then I hear this narrators voice saying "Any black person would think that this man was just killed by accident, but a white person would know he was killed because of meth amphetamines" This of course didn't seem odd at the time. What the voice meant was that the guy who got run over was a drug dealer and they guy who ran him over wanted it to look like an accident but really he wanted to steal his drugs or turf or something. I have no idea why only a white person would know this, both the guys were white I think. Then I woke up.

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