This was sent in reply to my application for a position at 10:19 AM this morning….

Dear Borgo:

Your application expressing interest in the Business Analyst position has been successfully received. A member of our Staffing department will review your qualifications. Those candidates with the experience and qualifications that correspond to our requirements may be contacted by a member of our Staffing department. Your profile will remain in our system. If you selected the option in your profile, you may receive emails from our system regarding other positions that match the preferences you indicated in your profile. We encourage you to visit our career site from time to time to update your profile, in "My Job Finder", and learn more about XXXXXXXXXX. For your convenience please bookmark this URL, (deleted by me)

If you would like to review your candidate file, click here.

We appreciate your interest in exploring career opportunities with XXXXXXXXX.



This email address is not monitored, so please do not reply to this message.

Ooh, yes, that looks good, at least they acknowledged my application. Things might be looking up!

This was sent at 1:26 PM on the same day….
Dear Borgo

Thank you for your interest in the position of Business Analyst. After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected to interview for this position. We encourage you to continue to search and apply for other positions that match your skills and interests. Through the ‘My Job Finder’ tool on our career site, you can update your settings to receive email notification of new openings as well as update information about your background and job interest. We encourage you to visit our career site to learn more about XXXXXXXXXXXXX including experienced professional opportunities, student programs and benefits.

We thank you again for your interest in exploring a career at XXXXXXXXXXXXX



So, they carefully considered me (their words, not mine) for just over three hours before rejecting me. I would venture to say that no human being was involved in the entire process. Look ma, no hands!

And they wonder why people have become so jaded.

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