The little cat is no longer little. He's fully grown, but hasn't settled down much. 

He also likes to sleep with me every day. I work from home, so I'm typically sitting on a chair or on the bed in a warmer part of our living space when it's brutally cold, as it is right now.

He's decidedly adopted me. Wherever I go, he goes. He doesn't want to be held as much like when he was small, and he doesn't display the same kind of kitten-child affection he used to, but wherever I end up in the house, he quietly settles in. At least three inches from me, if not actually leaning on me.

My wife feeds him half the time, but he knows I feed him. I fire a Nerf gun down the hall for him to chase, and occasionally play a kind of peekaboo game with him. If you look at him from around a corner, and move your head back fast when he catches sight of you, after a few times he'll run over with an interrogative chirp.

If I ever have to move back to an office, I don't know how he'd take it. When either my wife or I leaves the house, he starts openly crying, walking around with some kind of toy in his mouth until he can settle down enough to sleep until we return.

Every night he sleeps in the crook of my knee, without fail. If I am there, he will openly lie on me and fight sleep until he can get into that position.

I've never owned a cat before. All the cats in my life were my parents' or belonging to girlfriends or whatever. So this is novel. And he's an especially weird cat. Our other cat obviously loves us, but has that typically feline standoffish attitude, though she will come up to us with a tail-shiver move. She will NOT, however, allow any of us to pick her up, complaining with a low angry yowl. As for when we come home, my cat insists on being picked up and will FLATTEN himself against my wife, purring audibly and being heard the entire way across the kitchen. When her car door slams, he immediately perks up like a pointer dog who's heard something worth shooting, and then launches himself towards the door in the same way a dog would.

Which is not to say we don't have our disagreements: he wants to sharpen his claws on the carpet and puts his ears back when I tell him no. He likes to playfight with the other cat, and tries to get as much fun out of it until I race over with the spray bottle. (She knows I'm not coming after her, and stays where she is.) But all in all, should anything ever happen to either of us, I don't think the other will come out of it ever the same again.

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