Weird thing happened last night to friend Behr and child associates. I will not acknowledge the communicative hairless ass weasel. It does not deserve my acknowledgement for it is hideous and lived in my ass for nearly 80 years. That is absolutely disgusting and I do not accept it.

Weird thing that happened was a ghost appeared. That is right. A freaking ghost (linked for more information on ghosts) was on a horse (also a ghost, i.e. ghost horse), flying around and looking at me like I was a danish from a store that only allows white people to shop there. It wore a classic German military uniform with special double lightning bolts on it (fancy!). The children made me go behind a rock and hide. Apparently the ghost does not understand the concept of people hiding behind rocks and did not find us there. These children I am traveling with who want to destroy me in a firey hell are wise and tricksy.

I overheard the children talking during the "night" and learned some important information I will share with you now while we are in another beer garden drinking beers. These beer gardens are wonderful and grow naturally in the dense forests of Bavaria. We continue to march south towards this mountain place that is apparently a bird sanctuary because they refer to it as a nest. Only birds and snakes make nests along with a certain variety of tiger. They say that the Fuhrer is gaining strength and only needs me, bred for the single purpose of genocide and having an X-Man type hand, to take form in our world once again and bless us with his presence. Apparently those sworn to him are already building up strength in Europe and America. This sounds like a good idea but the children do not agree. They are talking about throwing me in the fire again. It is unsettling and puts me off my pastry and beer.

We are packing up again because we all are shitfaced on beer garden beer and have miles still to go. WiFi still spotty out here and the children are rude when I get them drunk and defy them.

My friends.

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