So, do you guys want to hear a joke I crafted back when I was in fourth grade. Too bad I am going to tell it to you anyways.

Knock- knock...

No one’s home.

Actually, that‘s not it. It was Halloween and of all us little kiddies had our minds on costumes and candy. Our substitute teacher, a beekeeper who in retrospect seemed to have an open mind to alternative theories of afterlife, had been substituting for a substantial amount of time came in to school with a story about how she saw an owl on her way to school.

I said being the typical smart ass I was born to be, “Maybe it was an eagle's child in its Halloween costume.”

Eagles in costume,yep, that was it. Not the best joke but it is cute.

What a crappy week. What a crappy month. Scratch that, what a crappy year. I am not talking the last seven to fourteen days, but the 365 days prior. You see, the older you get the longer and the larger the amounts of crap that continues to fall into your lap. Much like returning to the same two-story outhouse because it is the only fucking outhouse in town, you know the shit is coming but you keep using it thinking karma is going to keep you out of harm’s way. I hope the decade turns out better, ten years of crap is far too long. By crap, I mean, having little to no value as of right now, but if you give it a couple years though and it will be fertilizer, so I guess there is an upside.

I had a dream that I visited my old apartment complex, and it was radically overhauled and remodeled. Nothing like I remembered. The patios had been covered in some dome shape and been refitted to be a part of inside the house. There was community area in the front of the building, covered as well, on the first floor it came with a pine tree on a Christmas stand and some concrete tables. This was about the part of the dream I started crying over the changes made to my old home. I became weak in the knees, lying down right before viewing myself in third person. There was along pull-away shot, up and to the right before everything disappeared when I woke up.

I figure, I am the only one that has to deal with my emotions indefinitely so I might as well learn to accept what comes. What is unforeseeable is, this is one of the weirdest dreams I have had in a while. The emotions felt during the dream had been so real I woke me up quicker than the unexpected buzz of an alarm clock set to go off in the wee hours of the morning. It might mean I am holding back some feelings, afraid to confront change, or anything really. Another thing I didn’t know was crying in your sleep would be so cryptic, no wonder no one knows they are doing it.

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