I find myself day-logging, and day logging from an iPhone. I also find myself writing about E2. Please forgive these lapses in protocol. But I consider this a teachable moment.

Back in November, I wrote that this site had gotten a narrower base of users, and that when participation does jump, it is usually because people start riffing with each other. The good news is that this month, there are as many users participating in as there was in all of December--- and we are only ten days in. Much of the participation seems to be based around two poetry nodeswarms: one of which I generally like, and the other which I find of questionable merit.

This site isn't an encyclopedia, and it hasn't been since 2003. This site is a forum. And being a forum isn't a bad thing: being a forum doesn't mean we need to be youtube comments. But as long as we are a forum, lets be proactive about it. Lets decide what we talk about, less savory topics sneak up on us from behind.

And now to cease typing, pipe links on an iPhone [Delerium|hurt muchly.

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