The day before yesterday, a Christian friend (one with whom I delight to occasionally debate theological points) cheerfully explained to me the outcome of the 2012 US Presidential Election -- "the result of the election," he proposed, "was God making clear His vote against Mormonism." So I asked, then why did a Mormon candidate (Mitt Romney) win the GOP nomination at all? And my friend answered that Mormonism "first had to be brought high before it could be brought low." In other words, his explanation is that God wanted to make an example to Christians that Mormonism is incorrect by causing the Republican Party to make a Mormon their nominee, and then causing the country to reject this nominee in the election. My friend suggested that God had done this repeatedly historically, including with the 'hardening of Pharaoh's heart' in the Exodus narrative, Moses smashing the first set of Commandments amidst the revelers worshiping their golden calf, and many times with the Nation of Israel, which was 'brought low' whenever an example needed to be made of the perils of straying from the faith.

I don't know how widespread this view is, though I have known several Christians who are eager to 'win Mormons away from Mormonism, and to Christ.' I propose that this theory will be tested in the coming months and years. My friend predicts a sharp decline in Mormonism, as what he frames as God's lesson is brought home; I predict that the positive publicity associated with even an unsuccessful effort -- and the 'normalcy' afforded to Mormonism with many Christian leaders coming to censor their own commentary against Mormonism -- will lead to continued acceleration in what is now the third largest Abrahamic faith (behind Christianity and Islam, but, as of a year or two ago, ahead of Judaism).


In other news, the house is done. (That's why I've not noded lately, I confess). Well, as done as the initial building of a house can be called done. Bare floors and no stick of furniture. But my part in that venture is done, at any rate.


In node auditing news, I've just gone ahead and rung up a passel of them:

jessicapierce is on page 6 of 11.
hamster bong is on page 5 of 14.
passport is on page 1 of 27
Pretzellogic is on page 1 of 4
Pseudo_Intellectual is on page 1 of 31
Segnbora-t is on page 1 of 34
And pukesick is on page 1 of 29.

That ought to keep me busy for.... ever.

Blessings, all!!

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