1st Secretary of Defense of the United States, sworn in by Harry S. Truman, September 17, 1947

born February 15, 1892
Matteawan (now called Beacon}, New York
died May 22, 1949
Jumped to his death from the 16th floor of the Bethesda Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland
Buried at Arlington National Cemetery


Military Career

Career Track

Miscellaneous Honors

  • The world's first super carrier (not counting the halted USS United States) was christened the USS Forrestal (by Mrs. James V. Forrestal) in his honour.
  • "This memorial to James Forrestal, as a spontaneous tribute to his lasting accomplishments in providing for national security and his selfless devotion to duty, was erected by thousands of his friends and co-workers of all rank and stations." - Plaque on a bronze bust of Forrestal at the entrance to the Pentagon

Of Interest

  • Many ufologists believe that James V. Forrestal was assassinated as part of a conspiracy to hide evidence of the existence of UFOs. Evidence presented to back up this theory:

    1. Harry S. Truman allegedly had Forrestal investigate the Roswell Incident as a part of Majestic-12, a group of 12 scientists and military leaders (a top secret document was mailed to a Hollywood movie producer outlining these facts).
    2. Forrestal believed he was being followed by Israeli agents. His discomfort at this belief led Forrestal's brother to attempt to remove him from the Bethesda Naval Hospital the day before he was "assassinated". Forrestal's medical records are still sealed
    I don't want to comment on these theories. For more information about Majestic-12, see http://www.ssivanic.hr/~gogo/majestic.htm

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