Born in the city of Lufkin Texas and in the year 1915, Jacques Abram was a classically trained child prodigy from the age of five. His first state wide tour began a year later, as he played in movie houses. Back in 1921 movies were still silent, so they needed six year old children playing piano to keep the audiences awake.

As an adult he graduated from the Juilliard School, competed for and won awards, as well as spreading the knowledge of music as an educator at the University of South Florida. The Governor's Texas Music Office lists Abram as one of the historic pioneers of Texas music. One of the foremost pianists of the early 20th century, he gave Arthur Benjamin's Concerto quasi una Fantasia its first English performance at the Cheltenham Festival in 1952 and the first American performance in San Antonio in 1953.

Abram passed away in 1998.

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