Science fiction author, writing big cosmic mysteries involving long-lost alien races, artifacts, hyperspace travel, planet-wide disasters, and other common SF elements, all with a healthy (though sometimes unneeded) dose of summer blockbuster action. A common theme of his novels are examinations of the Fermi Paradox and the Drake equation - why is the universe silent? In his larger epic works the thoughts put forth in the action usually imply that space-faring civilizations only last so long - that we are lost to the others in time, as well as space.

Short Bio

Jack, a former customs officer and motivational trainer, began to write science fiction in 1980 at the suggestion of his wife Maureen. In 1986 he had his first novel published in the Ace Specials Series. Since then his works have been nominated for numerous SF awards over the years (he has been a Nebula finalist seven out of the last eight years). He seems to be well-revered for being one of those 'ordinary guys' who decided to pick up a pen one day, perservered, and is now a frequently published and well-regarded author of a rather marginalized genre of fiction. He's no literary giant, but the books are often enjoyable yarns, in the tradition of Clarke and Asimov.


The Hercules Text 1986
A Talent for War 1989*
Engines of God 1995*
Standard Candles (Short Stories) 1996
Ancient Shores 1996
Eternity Road 1998*
Moonfall 1999
Infinity Beach (U.K.: Slow Lightning) 2001*
Hello Out There (inc. The Hercules Text / A Talent for War) 2000
Deepsix 2002
Chindi 2003
Omega 2004
Polaris 2005

(* denotes my personal recommendations & be warned that Chindi and Omega are definite duds!)

Jack McDevitt's homepage:

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