While I find The Brickhouse immensely entertaining, and he's certainly more informed than the Sports Pig Mike Response, JT The Brick is NOT a knowledgeable sports fan. He follows a few teams ("my Yankees", "my Knicks", and "my Raiders"), and then gets the rest of his information from SportsCenter and the USA Today.

The reason he comes off as being reasonably intelligent is because of the calls he takes, which are three to four minute rants about nothing. Depending on the level of stupidity of the call, JT says either one of two things: "People, don't call unless you have something intelligent to say," or "Oh yeah, Butch From The Cape, telling it like it is. That's what I like. It's caller driven radio, it's intense, it's raw, it's in-your-face."

Like I said, the callers to the show spew out three to four minute rants without interruption, indicating that they've practiced this in front of their friends or at least a mirror before calling. In fact, Butch From The Cape will often call up local man Ted Sarandis, and then call up JT an hour later with the EXACT SAME COMMENTS (as in word-for-word).

It may seem like I'm ranting against the show, but in fact, it's immensely entertaining. When the show starts, you get a couple minutes of South Park/King Of The Hill/WWF samples, with dialogue from last night's show mixed in between. Then, ten minutes about what his Yankees did that night, or a few minutes about the hot topic of the day. Then, it's on to the calls....

If you've never listened to sportstalk radio, you've got to tune in. Of course, if you don't follow sports, you won't quite get it, but if you're someone with a clue about sports, it's quite an experience.

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