Title: Prisoners of the Twentieth Century
Release Date: November 1998
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell
JLA Members: Steel, Huntress, Plastic Man, Zauriel, Barda, and Oracle.
Guest Stars: Future versions of Superman, Batman, the Flash, Starman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Hourman.

So what happens?
A little backstory first: this story is part of the mammoth "DC One Million" crossover. The Justice Legion A of the 853rd century travels back to the 20th century to invite the JLA to attend a futuristic celebration in their honor while the Justice Legion stays in the past to safeguard the Earth. However, they accidentally bring a techno-virus with them that infects everyone on Earth, leaving them just 24 hours to live. To destroy the virus, the Justice Legion will have to build a sun-sized supervillain called Solaris that will plague mankind for thousands of years. To do that, they have to get inside the JLA Watchtower; however, the JLA members who remained in the past really don't want to let the future heroes inside...

After the future Superman leaps to the moon, he telekinetically takes control of the JLA's teleporters and beams the future Justice Legion into the Watchtower. The Justice Legion is much more powerful and evolutionarily advanced than the 20th century heroes, but they don't walk all over the JLA like they expected: Barda knocks the future Wonder Woman around, the future Aquaman temporarily subdues Zauriel, and Plastic Man and the Huntress are able to drug and defeat the future Flash from, of all places, inside Plastic Man's digestive tract. Steel negotiates with the future Superman, and they decide the two teams must work together to build Solaris or face the destruction of humanity.

After that, it continues in the other "DC One Million" books, which I don't have and which are crazy complicated. Suffice it to say, everyone survives A-OK.

Cool Moments!
The feeling of sick, horrified admiration at where Plastic Man has trapped the future Flash.

Cool Quotes!
Barda, on the future Wonder Woman: "She might last a week or two on the firepit crust-colonies of Armagetto. But she lacks discipline."

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