The goose was a doorstop.

It was a concrete goose, with a broken neck, that revealed its steel wires on the inside. I was closing up the shop one night with this cute new girl. I moved the goose from the door, and put it next to the shelf. I turned around and the new girl was flashing me. Her oxford shirt was undone, and her bra was in her hand.

I'm a geek, so I just stood there with my jaw dropped and a hard on.

She put the bra on the goose.

I stood there.

She walked up to me, and we made out like horny high school freshmen.

She put her shirt on the goose.

I put mine on it as well.

Eventually, all of our clothes were on the goose. This was difficult, but something convinced us that none of our clothes could be anywhere else besides on the goose. We squatted there, naked, balancing clothes on a goose. Then the story deviates from the goose, and this node terminates.

It is not known why a goose would be used in this manner. We just did it.

It is not known that a goose could be used in this manner, but that's a story for another time.

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