Classic Vaudeville routine.

A man suddenly shrugs and falls onto the stage.

"Is there a doctor in the house?"

A man steps out of the audience. (Any real doctors get, suddenly, pushed aside.)

"This man is dead." he proclaims, with all due seriousness, and perfect stage-English diction.

All at  once, an old woman's voice is heard from the balcony "Give him an enema!"

The doctor replies "I'm sorry madam, this man is dead!"

"Give him an enema!" (In a classic New York Yiddish accent, this is a  very funny-sounding phrase, which I will attempt at the next iteration.)

"Perhaps you don't understand, this man is dead."

"Geefe heem an en-e-mahhh!"

The doctor says "I can not understand what good it would do. This man...(a pause)... is dead."

She replies "It couldn't hoyt!"

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