It's good, it's scary
the speed, the heat, it's deep (and steep)
it's light, but hard to carry.

A sound that only you can hear-K's choice

When you are obsessed, life becomes simple. Regular, everyday worries like work or family fade into the background. You live, sleep and dream only of one person. Eating is often ignored and the idea of entertainment, or looking for something to do disappears. You know what to do, when to do it and where to do it. ( Her, soon and anywhere ).

Friends, if they still exist for you, exist solely to talk to when she is away. You don't call them and you don't meet them at bars, but if they meet you around town you will talk to them-but only about your new favorite subject-her.

Months, maybe years later you might think back on this and pretend it was not that bad. You'll think you did not really cease living during these times. You might try and remember it as a romance; a sweet serenade. But you'll be wrong. You were deranged. You were transported to a world where only one person mattered and it wasn't yourself. Could any one person lose themselves that fully? Could days, weeks or months disappear with no explanation other than it was the "Jennifer period" ? Could you be so obsessed that people would try and trick you into a roadtrip, just to leave her behind?

In a word- yes.

your hands,my mouth, your mouth, my hands
The weight of what we're thinking
no words, the air we breathe
it's not liquid, but we're drinking

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