Time drips away, leaving streaks on my face
And soaks into the ground, unrecoverable.
I wish I could save these glistening moments.
I wish I could cup my palms and allow them to pool there.
I wish I could pour our time into an ice cube tray, freeze it, and keep it forever.
But all I have are the streaks it leaves on my cheeks as it passes me by.

Locked in silent, mortal struggle on your bed, time seems to become malleable.
Every muscle in my body taut as the head of a drum, the moment stretches endlessly
Until a stray finger finds some crevice somewhere
And our laughter shatters the stillness
And our tangled limbs jockey for position
Until equilibrium is reached, and time ceases again.

I don’t think I believe anyone else when they say they’re in love
They might think they’re in love, but they don’t know shit
No one else has ever felt the way that I feel about you
You’re the only person that could evoke something like this
This is the reason I exist
This is the reason existence happened in the first place
My personal universe starts from you and builds outward from there

Everything I see is iridescent
The entire world is new
Our sliver of the cosmos is breathing
Because it knows that this is right

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