I found this thing the other day, it’s sort of hard to describe; you'd know what I mean if you saw it.

I brought it home and put it on top of the desk. I woke up late the next day, grabbed my keys from the desktop. It seemed bigger. The thing I mean, not the desktop. But I was in a hurry. I went to work and forgot about it. 

That night when I came home, it was still on top of the desk. Bigger. Definitely. It was hanging off the desktop like melted mozzarella. I got a spatula, scooped it up and put it on the counter in the kitchen.

I stood there looking at it. Some time passed and it didn’t seem to be getting any bigger. Now I felt a little silly. I left it on the counter and went to bed. 

In the morning, the thing had grown ten times the size it was before.

It gets bigger every day. You'd know what I mean if you were here.

I saw a woman once, she was sitting in a car. She had long, silky blond hair.

The woman turned her head. It was really an afghan hound

It's sort of like that thing. 

Only bigger.

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