This is a movie that left me not as sad as I thought it would. I found some sort of happiness in the fact that life always has choices. I also find the idea of being able to tie up all loose ends, being able to say goodbye, and letting the ones who matter know how you really feel before you die to be a romantic idea. There is something eerily comforting to people when they know when they are going to die, and have the ability to take care of things before hand so they can die without regret.

A man finds out his HIV, turned into AIDS. It leads to a brain disease that will turn him into a vegatable in less than a week. His regression scarily apparent. Before he can regress to a point where quality of life is a joke, he invites his friends to a farewell party. He is leaving, but not by nature, by his own hand.

This isn't a movie about homosexuality, nor AIDS. It is about "Death with Dignity".

In this movie he deals with his ex-lover, leaving his closest friends, and tying up loose ends. This includes his estranged relationship with his father, and trying to console the ones he loves before he even dies. It is also about facing up to taking his life, before he looses his awareness/ability to even remember who he is.

An odd cast ensamble to boot. The man dying is played by b-movie star Eric Roberts. Gregory Harrison is the ex-lover. The cast also includes Bronson Pinchot (yeah Balki!@!), Margaret Cho, Olivia Newton-John, Devon Gummersall (he played Brian Krakow on My So-Called Life), Marlee Matlin, George Segal, and thats just the icing on the cast.

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