A show about the antics of a group of amoral, alcoholic buffoons who own a bar in Philadelphia. Pitched as "Seinfeld on Crack", it operates much like similar sitcoms, except for the glaring lack of a voice of reason. Each member of the group will lie, cheat, back stab, and break the law to achieve their warped goals, and will often insult each other's ideas only to suggest even greater heights of idiocy.

This might sound really depressing, but it isn't. At all.

The gang consists of:

Charlie Kelly: An idiot with severe emotional problems, possibly related to a botched abortion attempt. Played by Charlie Day.
Dennis Reynolds: A pretty boy and Dee's brother, his vanity often gets him into trouble. Played by Glenn Howerton.
Diandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds: The only girl of the group, and Dennis's sister. Played by Kaitlin Olson.
Mac: A wannabe tough guy, whose father is a convicted felon. Played by Rob McElhenney.
Frank Reynolds: Dee and Dennis's legal father, but possibly not their biological father. He appears in the second season, and may be the biological father of Charlie. Played by Danny DeVito.

The first episode of the third season, "The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby", is representative of the type of humor the show is known for. In it Dennis, Mac and Dee find a baby in a dumpster and, decrying America's "throwaway culture", decide to keep it rather than call the police. Each of them attempts to claim the moral high ground (a frequent theme of the show), while at the same time being completely despicable human beings. Dennis, Frank, and Mac go to the garbage dump and Mac finds a scimitar, while Dennis is rebuked by hippies. Frank and Mac spend the rest of the episode digging through other people's garbage, Dee and Mac try to get DB into commercials by pretending he's Mexican.

The entire run of the series can be seen at Hulu.com.

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