A son of Alcathus, king of Megara, and his wife Evaechme, Ischepolis was one of the famous Calydonian Hunters of later Greek mythology.

The Calydonian king Oeneus had forgotten to thank Artemis for her watching over his crops, and in revenge, the huntress goddess sent a huge boar to ravage the country. Oeneus sent out for a group of heroes to come kill the boar, including Meleager and Atalanta, among others. Although the group finally succeeded in killing the boar, Ischepolis was killed in the battle.

His brother Callipolis returned home with the sad news, but before he could tell his father what had happened, he broke up a sacrifice his father was performing. In a rage, the king picked up a log from the sacrifical pyre and killed Callipolis with a blow to the head.

So much for a lunch date with Jerry Springer.

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