Here are several steps in ironing on a T-shirt transfer. You first need an iron(HOT), a blank T-shirt (Preferably white), a transfer sheet(These can be purchased at almost any drug store), and a dry towel. If you follow these steps, you can have your own, custom made T-shirt in twenty minutes.

Before we begin, make sure you have your transfer sheet ready with a picture on it. You can do this by running it through the printer, and printing an image on it, or color the page with markers(Pencil strongly discouraged, as it may not transfer). Remember that the image you see on the transfer page will turn out reversed on your T-shirt. You may cut off parts of the transfer sheet with no image on it.

  1. First, Lay your dry towel on a clean surface, and spread it out evenly. Then, with your iron, smooth it out with large circular motions.
  2. Now, place your blank T-shirt on the towel with the side you want your picture to be on, facing up. Using the iron, smooth out the surface of which you want to place your image, using the same technique described in step 1.
  3. Here is the fun part. Be careful here; The Transfer sheet is only good once, so if you mess up, you'll need to start again. Place your transfer sheet face down on your T-shirt. Very carefully, place your iron on a corner of your transfer sheet.
  4. Slowly, wile exerting a small amount of pressure, move the iron diagonally across the transfer sheet. Keep going until your iron goes completely off the page. Do this again, but start from a different corner. Continue until you've done all the corners. Repeat this step four to five times, or until the transfer page is completely stuck to your T-shirt. You will know of this when the corners stop peeling upward, and remain flat.
  5. Turn off your iron, and wait for about three minutes. This allows the ink to set.
  6. Using a fingernail, or anything else you find suitable for this job, pry up one of the transfer sheet's corners. Grab hold of it, and slowly, peel of the paper. You will see beneath it a shiny, glossy surface bearing your image on your T-shirt.
  7. Congratulations! You've just created your own custom T-shirt! You may wear it at any time after the transfer process. If you want your transfered image to last longer, dip the shirt into a 2:1 solution of water and vinegar. Let it dry, then wash it. You may do more then one transfer on a T-shirt if you like.

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