Absolutely the cat’s meow when camping. I made this. That’s right, I.
Mmm, campfire. This is where the magic started. I had all the ingredients for Smores, but something begged to be discovered… I didn’t fight it. “Let’s see here. A bag of marshmallows? Some butter? Hmm… And chocolate…” My thinking cogs began to turn, tearing the spiderwebs that held them in place during the summer months.


  • One Cast Iron Frying Pan- YES, it IS an ingredient. It’s also where the title came from.
  • Bag of marshmallows- however much you want to eat. More marshmallows= more Iron Smores. Be advised that the more people in close proximity to you, the more you will need to make. You can’t fend them all off.
  • Butter or margarine- a couple of tablespoons should do it.
  • Baker’s Chocolate- 1-2 boxes (semi sweet is preferable)
  • Cocoa powder
  • Ash from a campfire or forest dressings like pine needles, twigs, and dirt (optional).
  • Graham crackers
  • How to make:

    Put your cast iron frying pan over the fire. Put your butter or margarine in the pan. Once it is melted, add the cocoa powder to it. Make sure it’s all mixed up, then add the chocolate into it. This works faster if you break up the pieces first (ah, increased surface area, how I love thee). Once it is all melted, put enough marshmallows in the pan to cover its whole surface.

    Stir continuously to avoid gross burnt chocolate/marshmallow crud. As they melt into a conglomerate of chocolate-butter-marshmallowy goodness, add more marshmallows. Keep adding as they melt until you have a pan full of this goo, then take the pan off the fire.

    If you aren’t doing this in the woods over a campfire, add the forest dressings here (a pinch or two should do it). If you are in the forest, you will no doubt get these added without any effort on your part (if nature wants to be in your cooking, nature will be in your cooking). Don’t worry, it adds character to the dish.

    Now get a graham cracker. Spread some of that of-so-chocolatey goo on it. Then put another graham cracker on top of it. This is the final Iron Smore. Careful, it’s probably hot!

    Also: soak the pan right after it’s been emptied, otherwise the Ion Smore goo will harden and dry into a hellishly hard foe: very tough to get off. Soaking is your friend!

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