On June 3, 1942, Japan invaded the Aleutian Islands. The campaign lasted for a little less than a year, with the only notable battle of the whole incident being the Battle of Attu. The island were originally invaded by Japan due to their close proximity to the Japanese home island in fear that they may be used as a staging area for invasion (Personally, I don't think the weather made that a workable plan). Throughout it all, nothing that would significantly effect the war ever occured. More men were lost to the weather as well as planes, and the only sea battle was an old-fashioned ship-to-ship slugging match. No ships were lost. However, there were several techniques that would be used through out the war that were first used here. For Japan it was the first banzai charge, and for the Americans, island-hopping (bypassing stronger bases in favor of weaker ones closer to Japan). As Lieutenant Commander Samuel E. Morison said, "the Aleutian theater, might well be called the Theater of Military Frustration. Both sides would have done well to leave the Aleutians to the Aleuts."

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