The people represented in this small book are artists. They have created something out of nothing, or, more accurately, they have created something out of themselves. They are now willing to share their creations with you.

Artists create their art to show they are human, and at the same time to broaden the human experience. The works in this book portray a vulnerability that would not come into ordinary conversations. Many people cannot find the safety to be completely honest except while writing or painting or sculpting or any other of the wide varieties of fine art. These people are artists. Many of these artists stay destined to be published only in their homes, or maybe their own diaries, while others may possibly be the next Michelangelo or Whitman. All of them, however, remain artists.

What you now have in front of you is a book of experiences of your fellow humans. Here are fights with parents and longings for friends and broken hearts and healing hearts and possibly some plain pure joy that someone wanted to share with you. They do this sharing in a beautiful way. They create art out of all these emotions and hope that we will appreciate the artwork as well as the emotions, and so we’ll try.

A few years back I shared a poem with and older friend and mentor of mine. He returned it with these words scribbled on top: “Thank you for the gift.” I thank all the artists for the gift in this book, given to us all. Enjoy.

Written by Dirk R. Nykamp for Scripta

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