Interstate 99 is a insult to its predecessor number, US Highway 99. It is the only interstate to have its desgination written into law, and as a result, is the probably the most blatant violation of the Interstate Numbering System. Daily traffic totals along the corridor are under 10,000 vehicles, with four lanes (and climbing lanes) each way. Meanwhile, the Capital Beltway, which is a local arterial around Washington D.C. and part of I-95, the east coasts major north-south highway, carries 170,000 vehicles a day on three lanes each way. Many of the highway's extensions have been targeted to pass areas that would benefit specific members and friend of the man who made this piece of aspalt pork possible, congressman Bud Shuster who is hated by several different orginizations from wasting tax payer money on useless road projects (Like Interstate 99!), and feeling the need to pave everything in sight.. An example of Interstate, is when Shuster's sons moved their Chrysler dealership to a piece of property just off Interstate 99. This was in 1995, just as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation began to expand the road. This was authorized in 1991 and the measure was sponsored by, who else? Bud Shuster. Thankfully, in January 2001, Bud Shuster decided to resign. But the fun isn't over, his son Bill Shuster is now a congressman!

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