An interstate highway in the western United States streching from Las Cruces, New Mexico about 40 miles from El Paso, Texas to Buffalo, Wyoming in the northern part of that state. The entire highway is 1059 miles and travels along the eastern boundary of the Rocky Mountains most of the way.

Interstate 25 connects various cities up and down the eastern Rockies: Las Cruces and Albuquerque in New Mexico, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins in Colorado, and Cheyenne and Casper in Wyoming. One can go from Billings, Montana to Mexico entirely on four-lane highways using this route.

The interstate faces all the problems you find all around the country. Traffic, road deterioration, and frequent accidents. In Denver, the highway is clogged each weekday and weeknight in traffic jams. Millions of federal highway dollars are being spent to expand the highway upwards to five lanes on each side of the median.

If you ignore the cities along the way, I-25 is one of the most scenic stretches of interstate in America. If you travel from the south, the Rockies will constantly guide your way on your left. Then glance to your right and you have the most barren, tranquil land in the country: the Great Plains.

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