Labeled on many maps as Metropolitan Boulevard, Interstate 195 is a short spur off of Interstate 95 (Exit 47) in Maryland with a bit of an identity crisis. Running north-south (but signed as east-west for the sake of staying perpendicular with all of the north-south highways it interchanges with), it serves primarily to get BWI Airport traffic back and forth from the MD Highway 295, Interstate 95, and US Highway 1. Interstate 195 was formed from decommissioned MD Highway 46 and still-existing MD Highway 166.

There are only four official interchanges on Interstate 195, numbered from east to west:

As an interesting side note, between the US Highway 1 and MD Highway 295 interchanges, Interstate 195 flies right over Interstate 895 (The Harbor Tunnel Thruway) with absolutely no exits or access going either direction in-between the two freeways.

The western terminus gives you three options. You can either go to The University of Maryland, Baltimore County by way of an exit to UMBC Boulevard, follow the original alignment onto MD Highway 166 (Rolling Road), or end up in the Southwestern Park & Ride for Baltimore. These same three options are what create the highway when it begins heading east. The eastern terminus has only one option if you don't exit before at Exit 1: BWI Airport.

The precise terminating point on the west side of the interstate is sort of fudged, probably because of confusion as to where MD Highway 166 was supposed to go. There is the usual "End Interstate 195" sign, but it is placed before the exit for I-95 South comes up. However, directly above that, there is a warning sign that says "MD-166, Catonsville, Local Traffic Only Ahead" suggesting the Interstate hasn't ended yet. From Interstate 95, Exit 47B is marked as "MD-166 North, Catonsville," despite a sign immediately after this exit advising travelers to the UMBC Technology Center to us MD-166 South in addition to both South and North being signed for MD-166 at the ending ramp. In addition, there is a "East I-195" immediately on the ramp from MD Highway 166, far before Interstate 95, and many maps do indeed indicate Interstate 195 officially continuing past Interstate 95.

Interstate 195 is also:

  1. A spur from I-95 in Miami, Florida, connecting to Miami Beach across the Julia Tuttle Causeway. I-195 is the most rapid road connection from Miami to Miami Beach, and drops you off just a couple of miles north of South Beach. West of 95, 195 turns into SR-112, the Airport Expressway that leads to Miami International Airport.
  2. A 3-mile portion of the Beltline Expressway in Richmond, Virginia.
  3. A 34-mile spur of Interstate 295 north of Trenton, New Jersey.
  4. A connection between 95 and Interstate 495 in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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