The band Green Day has released its first compliation album International Superhits!. This album consists of all the singles from Green Day's previous major label records (Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod and Warning) as well as an additional track recorded specifically for the compilation album and a b-side off of the Waiting single.

International Superhits! was released first in Austrailia and New Zealand on October 29, 2001. It was released second in Japan on November 7 of the same year. It was released to the rest of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) on November 12 of 2001. International Superhits! was finally released to the United States and Canada on November 13, 2001. In each respective country, a DVD and VHS entitled International Supervideos! was released on the release date of the album. Green Day did not tour to promote International Superhits! due to the fact that the majority of the songs on the compilation have been released on the band's previous albums and were included on the set list of songs to play on prior tours.

The new song "Poprocks and Coke" was recorded in Oakland, California in September of 2001. The band decided to name the album International Superhits! as parody of many other musician's compliation albums which typically include the phrase "...Greatest Hits" in the title.

Green Day consists of three members: Billie Joe Armstrong who is responsible for the lyric writing, lead vocals and guitar playing. Mike Dirnt who is responsible for back-up vocals and bass guitar. Tre Cool who is responsible for playing of the drums. On tour, additional musicians play with Green Day to accurately recreate the music on the albums as Green Day will occasionally over-dub multiple guitars and other instruments such as the farfisa, mandolin or harmonica.

International Superhits! contains the following tracks:

1. Maria ("Waiting" single b-side)

2. Poprocks and Coke (new song)

3. Longview

4. Welcome to Paradise

5. Basket Case

6. When I Come Around

7. She

8. J.A.R (Jason Andrew Relva)

9. Geek Stink Breath

10. Brain Stew

11. Jaded

12. Walking Contradiction

13. Stuck With Me

14. Hitchin' a Ride

15. Time of Your Life

16. Redundant

17. Nice Guys Finish Last

18. Minority

19. Warning

20. Waiting

21. Macy's Day Parade

All lyrics by Billie Joe Armstrong except J.A.R., lyrics by Mike Dirnt. All music by Green Day

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