Of the three long-distance lines currently (September 2003) operated by InterConnex in Germany, the most recently-opened line (Rostock-Berlin-Cologne-Neuss) is served not by Talbot Talent DMUs as the other two, but by locomotive-drawn trains pulling refurbished Reichsbahn passenger cars.

Their designation scheme is about the same as Deutsche Bahn's, employing a capital-letter prefix indicating the car's class and lower-case letter flags appended to it.

Class codes

  • BE -- mixed Business/Economy car
  • E -- Economy car
  • T -- Traveller car

(Business and Economy cars are distinguished from Traveller cars only by a different colour code; the armrests, colour-code strips and exterior paint job are yellow instead of blue. Seating comfort and other amenities are strictly the same; Economy is essentially Traveller plus obligatory reservation, while Business has all that and features free drinks, snacks and newspapers.)

Affixed flags

In their regular order of appearance:

  • o -- long-distance car with less than 12 compartments and no air conditioning
  • m -- long-distance car longer than 24.5 m
  • z -- central power supply by 1000 V cable from the locomotive

At the moment, all of InterConnex' cars are either BEomz, Eomz or Tomz, quite unsurprisingly, considering they've all been Halberstadt-type Bomz cars in their former life.

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