In 1966, The Animals changed labels to Decca, moved away from rhythm & blues and into rock, and started writing their own material. To this brief spell - the band didn't last much longer - we owe some fantastic music.

An example is Inside looking out, released in February, 1966; later covered by Grand Funk Railroad. It's more of a chant than a song: every bar is in the same minor chord, slapped out on the guitar on the first eighth.

Note: parts of the finale are echoed almost identically on Going home, a song from 1966 by another Decca act.

  Inside Looking Out - The Animals
Sitting here lonely like a
broken man
Servin' my time doing the
best I can
Walls and bars they're
surrounding me
But I don't want your

Oh baby
oh baby
I just need your
tender loving
To keep me sane in this
burnin' oven
When my time is up be
my rebirth

Like I was worth on
God's green earth
My rebirth
my rebirth
Baby yeah, mean its my rebirth, yeah

Ice cold waters running
(in) my brain
Then they drag me back to
work again
Pains and blisters on my
mind(s) and my hands
From living daily with those
canvas bags

(?) I feel they're
driving me wild
And I'll be happy like a
newborn child
We'll be together girl you
wait and see
No more walls (to) keep your
love from me 

Yeah can't you feel my love baby
Babe I need you, squeeze you, I love you, need you alright              
I said everything's gonna be alright
And if you don't believe what I say just listen
Can't you feel my love, can't you see my love
Can't you hear my love, its getting louder
I said baby, I need you, oh squeeze, please love
I love you, I need you, yeah, yeah, right by my side
I need you here by my side
I can't help it, baby 
But I'll be home soon ... I'll be home soon

(Lyrics modified from, supplied by David Cassells.)

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