A brief and ill-fated rebranding exercise in the turbulent life of the Borland Corporation. The new name came in 1998, and meant "Integrating the Enterprise." It was part of an overall strategy of upselling Borland's products as 'enterprise' tools at the CIO level. Borland was well known as makers of Delphi and C++Builder and JBuilder and many other fine programming tools, but was not seen as a strategic vendor. Attempts to buy and build tools in the space (such as the under-adopted Borland Application Server) came to nothing, and the name change did not help.

During the low point of the Inprise debacle in 2000, Inprise almost became part of Corel. Given Michael Cowpland's track record (WordPerfect) I can only say: Be thankful. Be very thankful.

Inprise's dot-com bubble tagline, Go .com yourself.TM probably did nothing to help its intended image as a stable, top-flight enterprise solutions vendor. It made a great t-shirt, though a huge banner hung on Inprise HQ apparently was poorly received1.

The 'enterprise' strategy foundered, and by 2001 the company's name was changed back to Borland. Of course, this being Borland, nothing was learned, and in late 2006 Borland spun heart and soul tools group out as CodeGear, to focus on a new 'enterprise' play in Application Lifecycle Management.

  1. http://homepages.borland.com/aohlsson/Banned.html

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