India Waves is a local TV show produced in the Bay Area and shown usually Saturday mornings around 10:00. If you are a San Francisco person and want to take a sleigh ride to another culture, tune in. First some background. The second greatest concentration of computer programmers (after bay Area) is in India. Most of the major manufacturers are setting up shop in India to take advantage of the cheap labor force, and many Indian people connected with the computer industry make their homes here in Northern California now. To serve them with a taste of home, this show highlights Indian entertainment. The hostess Lashme sets up film clips and sometimes does interviews with people from the Indian entertainment industry. There is also a very large (also second in the world I think) movie industry in India. Lashme shows a great number of movie trailers as the intergal content of her show, and that is what is the mind boggle. As you probably know, there are a lot of people in India and the hallmark of the Indian films are the elaborate singing and dancing numbers that seem to be in every film. It's like nothing you've ever seen in a Western film. Think any number from "Grease" on acid. Huge casts, sitar sounds, head weaving, red head dots, pretty amazing locations both in the country and the city. There is a very sexual element in the Indian culture, the body movements are mezmerizing, the subliminal feeling is hot and sweaty bodies. The women are usually babes, the young men okay I guess, but typical for other cultural expression, it seems to me, the older men are as ugly as you'll see. (Ever seen a Singapore Airlines commercial? Women = young & lovely, Men = old & ugly.) I can't help but be reminded of Peter Sellers doing his Indian accents when I watch.

Anyway, if you're in the airwave zone, look for it. Hit the remote for a trip halfway around the world. Joe Bob says check it out.

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