Musical project of twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone.

Their music is rather hard to describe. Heavily influenced by classical orchestration and arrangement, it also tends to have very active percussion. Up until their 1994 release, "Anatomy of a Poet", the band tended to be very fond of brass instruments, and light on strings.

In The Nursery started in 1981, and released their debut mini-album "When Dreams Come True" in 1983. Over the next two years, they released the 12" "Sonority", and made contributions to various compilations.

In 1986, they released their first full album, "Twins". This was the first album to feature the strong classical influences that characterize their later works. In 1987, the band took on military drummer/percussionist Q, and multi-lingual vocalist Delores Marguerite C. During this period, their music took on a very "filmic" quality, as if it were written to be the soundtrack to an imaginary film. This culminated with their 1993 soundtrack to the independent film "An Ambush Of Ghosts", directed by Everett Lewis. This was their first feature film soundtrack.

In The Nursery continue to record today, both as In The Nursery and under the alias "Les Jumeaux". Their most recent work is "Deco", their 10th album, a collection of songs inspired by the Art Deco movement.

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