Available for download here -- http://www.mediafire.com/view/?tvlxdb9f274stpt

In substance, it's a parody of Libertarianism, their utopia doesn't work, their leaders start killing either themselves, or each other, or the workers. In style, it's written by many authors, and style changes drastically from chapter to chapter, and chapters are short, as well.

That Libertarians and Capitalists are trash who would kill poor people just for being poor, is basically a documentary. What is good about this work is that it constantly has allusions to other works of fiction. Examples -- "I am Patri Friedman, and I am here to ask you a question" is an almost direct quote (except the name) from Bioshock and "They looked at a businessman and the government man, and couldn't tell the difference" (paraphrased) is a, again, paraphrased quote from George Orwell's Animal Farm.

It's not really anti-rich, in my opinion, but it is against being anti-poor. To read this book from America, which is the origin of all things Capitalist, was refreshing to me personally.

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