Impulse Nine is a progressive rock / postrock band from Tucson, Arizona, USA. It has 2 albums, 'Girl' and 'Ultraviolet', with two projects, 'Exhaust' and 'Ignition' to be released sometime in 2002.
'Exhaust' will be an experimental, ambient, and altogether trippy piece, whereas 'Iginiton' will use the same musical ideas in a more conventional context.
Impulse Nine's style is usually put within the most mercurial of genres, post rock. It combines some of the edge of Nine Inch Nails, the jam rock of Pink Floyd, the atmospherics of Brian Eno, and occasionally pop flavors like that of Radiohead or U2.

There are MP3's at and the official site is at

All of Impulse Nine's songs are instrumental.

The albums are:

Girl (1999)
1. Girl
2. A Plan To Take Over The World
3. Glimmer
4. The Sound Of Perseverence
5. Chaos
6. Dissolution
7. Music Box
8. Eva's Song
9. Should Have
10. Loneliness & Music
11. Spanish Cafe
12. Beautiful
13. The End

Ultraviolet (2000)
1. Declaration of Dependance
2. Digging A Hole
3. Pride
4. Ultraviolet
5. Yeah
6. Blue
7. Quite Tired
8. No
9. Wait Crushes
10. Anthem
11. The Dream Is Over

I wondered where I had seen the words "Impulse nine" before, and of course, it was the all weapons/ammo/keys cheat for the classic FPS Quake. Quake's soundtrack was made by NIN.

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