This is aimed mostly at the Linux users in the crowd. If you know of similar tricks for Windows or MacOS, please share them. This should speed up HTTP in general, but the biggest improvment is gained in places like E2, where a lot of the content on each page is the same.

If you have enough system RAM (128MB or more), turn the memory cache in your browser up to 16MB, and shut off the disk cache. Install Squid (the caching HTTP proxy), not the tentacled menace from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"). Another possibility is using squid in conjunction with the Junkbuster, so your local cache of pages is banner-ad free. This didn't seem to help my speed much. Maybe squid had already cached the banners, so filtering them out didn't help. On a site like E2 with only a few banners, it seems to me that the junkbuster is going to be more trouble than its worth in terms of speed gained.

You can also set up BIND on you local box, which will speed up frequently used DNS queries. I'm considering adding this to my setup, but haven't yet out of security concerns.

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