Where do I get this stuff? Imperial was a brand of margarine in the US, this was back in the days when there was just butter and margarine - you didn't have all these "spread" things, with various amounts of this and that; "imitation margarine" I called it, back when I first saw those things. Folks, just use butter - that imitation crap only kills you in new and different ways. At least die by eating something good-tasting and natural.

Butter: a good-tasting and natural way to die.

There was a television ad campaign for Imperial - late 60s, early 70s, I think. I don't remember any of the dialogue or logic of it, but the catchy part was that a protagonist would take a bite of his/her toast (with great-tasting Imperial instead of butter!), and, automagically! (the special effects were crude by today's standards) a crown would appear on the head of that wise person who chose to eschew le beurre de démon for great-tasting Imperial; the appearance of the crown was accompanied by a quick, cheesy, duh-dudduh-daaah! fanfare.

The King of America would later wear it well.

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