Node 1 of the Immortal Lucidity role-playing game.

Immortal Lucidity

[The following is a very rough draft of the introduction. A more coherent version will be coming soon to a gaming store near you.]

The goal is to start with omnipotence and omniscience and build up a shell of identity. Start with a place among the stars. Each star represents a consciousness with vast power and knowledge under its grasp. However they were bored, and wanted to forget their abilities and knowledge. To seek new challenges that aren't too easy to defeat or solve.

They do this by leaving their consciousness in a core and building up a shell of a body around it. Above this, they layer on personalities, memories, experiences that make them individuals. The goal for the immortals is to construct around themselves an ever expanding shell of identities, like the layers of an onion.

When met with an insurmountable obstacle, a layer of their shell is peeled back until they are deep enough into their core to solve the problem. The peeled layers are cast aside into a stack of history. From each layer, the individual may choose one memory with which to build the next shell after the problem is solved.

The goal is to find a shell that they never have to backtrack from. Life, death, and divinity have no role to play in this game because they are already encapsulated in the core of each individual.

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