Node 4 of the Immortal Lucidity role-playing game.
Daily salary for each person is equal to their Success multiplied by 4d4. Starting wealth (as measured in mymes) is equal to Illusion multiplied by 4d20. Examples:
            Censorial  Plasmolysis   Sylvia     Valeric
Salary      11* 9= 99    7* 7= 49   10*18=180   8*13=104
Wealth      21* 6=186   54*10=540   49*11=539  52*10=520
The following is a list of the baggage each individual may purchase and have the option of carrying with themselves throughout this shell. Each player may view current prices once per day. The prices are for the player alone, although he or she may agree to purchase the gear for someone else.
Shirts: Dress Shirt of Education        6d8M
        Sweater of Bonfires            6d12M
        Sweatshirt of Anarchy          3d10M
        T-Shirt of Apathy               5d4M
Pants: Jeans of Conformity              5d6M
       Khakis of Slack                  4d8M
       Slacks of Professionalism       6d12M
       Dress Pants of Intelligence     5d20M
       Solar Shorts                     3d4M
Color matching can be performed on any article of clothing. If not specifically chosen for each piece of clothing, the color is random. Once chosen, the price of the color is added on to the price of the article of clothing and they become inseparable.
Colors: Black of Freedom                1d4M
        White of Purity                 1d6M
        Red of Love                     1d8M
        Blue of Truth                   2d4M
        Green of Growth                1d10M
        Yellow of Faith                1d12M
Combinations of colors are allowed in this shell. Their price is the the sum of the prices for each individual color plus an additional 2d4M per color. While gear can be purchased with specific colors in this shell, their colors are unimportant.
Gear: Jacket of Membership             7d20M
      Wallet of Protection              3d8M
      Identification Card               1d6M
      Keys to Power                    1d12M
      Notepad of Memories               2d4M
      Perfume of Attention             5d10M
      Rubber of Humour                  1d2M

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