1. Once upon a time, when Humakt received the rune/blade that is Death, he asked the First Man to help him test its powers. To both their horror, they discovered that Death separated the spirit from the body. Here is the story of how Grandfather Mortal partook of Ikadz's hospitality on his way to Hell.

2. When he learned Death, Grandfather Mortal started his journey to Hell. The first day, he traveled west all day, and grew tired. He found an inn, but he had nothing to trade, so the grim innkeeper let him sleep on a bed of nettles. Grandfather Mortal had disturbing dreams of things he had learned. They passed by morning, and with torn skin, he continued on his journey west.

3. Grandfather Mortal traveled west another day, and when he grew tired, he found another inn. The innkeeper seemed oddly familiar, but he was too tired to ponder it for long. He slept on a bed of jagged metal that the innkeeper was kind enough to give him without payment. Again, he knew nightmares, this time about his acquaintances. He tossed and turned in his sleep, and awoke with much of his flesh ripped away by the bed.

4. After another day of travel west, Grandfather Mortal stopped at an inn. The familiar innkeeper was a welcome sight, but he was too tired from his journey to stay up and chat, so the innkeeper let him take a bath in a tub of acid, which burned away the travel dirt and the remaining flesh in his frame, and helped Grandfather Mortal forget things left undone; then he slept in the stable, where gaunt black horses trampled his bones to dust.

5. After terrible nightmares about his personal failings and limitations, Grandfather Mortal woke refreshed, feeling light. It was cold, so near he was to Hell, but he felt it not at all. Hell was dark, infested with demons and horrors, but he felt no fear - rather, he was serene, accepting. He entered Hell as the innkeeper swept away what was left of his life.

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