C: Snow! Snow snow snow snow SSSSNNNNNOOOOOWWWWW!

H: Out! Outside outside outside outside!!

C: Boots suck! Snowsuit sucks! Mittens suck!!!

H: Hurry hurry hurry! If you had a coat like mine, we'd be outside already!

C: (knocks H through the door into the snow)Outsiiiiidddeee!

H: (Disappears. A disturbance in the snow is seen, moving as a ridge forms.)

C: (Is outside, off the steps. Making snowballs as fast as possible.)

H: Whammo! (Explosion of snow at C.)

C: Cheater! Cheater! We haven't made rules yet! (Throwing snowballs back. The snow is cold and does not pack well. Snowballs fall apart in the air.)

H: First rule, no rules! (Bouncing out of deep snow. Spy hopping. Not on his tail. Front paws and head up, catlike.)

C: Second rule, if it moves throw a snowball at it!

H: Third rule, if it doesn't move, throw a snowball at it!

C: Hey, there's S!

S: (behind a sturdy bush) First rule no rules! (Pelts them and everything else with snowballs.)

(Panel whites out with snowballs.)

For reQuest 2018: 1

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