The international standard to represent dates and times.

To make the long story short: The recommended way to represent date is YYYY-MM-DD (as in 2001-03-16) and time HH:mm (in 24 hour format, as in 00:27). To combine them: 2001-03-15T22:27Z (date, "T", time, "Z" to say that UTC is used.)

Local time is represented as is (00:27), and international time in UTC format with Z appended (23:27Z, in this case 2 timezones away because I happen to be in Finland). Seconds and even minutes can be left out if so required.

Periods of time are represented with START/END (slash in middle); Thus, 2001-03-16/2001-03-23 represents week from today-of-writing, and 2001-03-16T08/15Z tells when I'm wrecking some cars. =)

(Based on Jukka Korpela's excellent summary "ISO 8601, the date and time representation standard"...)

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