A part of the IPA/ASCII standard by Evan Kirschenbaum.

Appendix C. Diacritics

(See IPA/ASCII feature abbreviations to understand the coding. --gn0sis)

~ Vowels: {nzd}         U+0303 NON-SPACING TILDE
  Consonants: {vzd}     U+0334 NON-SPACING TILDE OVERLAY
: {lng}                 U+02D0 MODIFIER LETTER TRIANGULAR COLON
- Vowels: {unr}           -- No equivalent --
  Consonants: {syl}     U+0329 NON-SPACING VERTICAL LINE BELOW
! {clk}                   -- No equivalent --
. Vowels: {rnd}           -- No equivalent --
  Consonants: {rfx}     U+0322 NON-SPACING RETROFLEX HOOK BELOW
                        U+0323 NON-SPACING DOT BELOW
` Voiceless: {ejc}      U+02BC MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE
  Voiced: {imp}           -- No equivalent --
[ {dnt}                 U+032A NON-SPACING BRIDGE BELOW
; {pzd}                 U+02B2 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL J
                        U+0321 NON-SPACING PALATALIZED HOOK BELOW
" Vowels: {cnt}           -- No equivalent -- 
  Consonants: {uvl}       -- No equivalent --
^ {pal}                   -- No equivalent --
+   -- Ad Hoc Diacritic --
=   -- Ad Hoc Diacritic --
<H> {fzd}               U+0334 NON-SPACING TILDE OVERLAY
<h> {asp}               U+02B0 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL H
<o> {unx}           ??  U+02DA SPACING RING ABOVE
    {vls}           ??  U+0325 NON-SPACING RING BELOW
<r> {rzd}               U+02B3 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL R
<w> {lzd}               U+02B7 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL W
<?> {mrm}               U+02B1 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL H HOOK
                        U+0324 NON-SPACING DOUBLE DOT BELOW

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