One of the greatest evils I can think of, the IDSA is the Interactive Digital Software Association. It consists of large game houses that can provide funds to basically protect THERE rights while in some cases restricting ours.

The IDSA could be compared to the union of the gaming industry. The IDSA has forced in the past members to act on certain subjects. Of recent, after a slight majority vote, the ISDA started a war aganst ALL abandonware that has ever been the properity of ANY of its members (Even if the member was 'okay' with its existance, or was okay with its existance in certain terms).

The IDSA has well known members such as; Acclaim Entertainment, Activision, Inc., Capcom, Crave Entertainment, Disney Interactive, Eidos Interactive, Electronic Arts, Fox Interactive, Hasbro Interactive, Havas Interactive/Sierra On-Line, Inc., Infogrames North America, Interplay Productions, Konami of America, Inc., Lego Media International, LucasArts Entertainment, Mattel Media, Inc., MGM Interactive, Microsoft Corporation, Midway Home Entertainment, Inc., Namco Hometek, Inc., Nintendo of America, NovaLogic, Inc., Psygnosis, Red Storm Entertainment, Ripcord Games, Sega of America Dreamcast Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment America, SouthPeak Interactive, Take 2 Interactive, The 3DO Company, THQ, Inc., Titus Software Corporation, Ubi Soft, Inc., and Universal Interactive Studios.

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