I will not will.

I will not think for myself.

Thinking for myself leads to

Wrong answers. I misguide myself.

Only, this is also my decision, my thought,

To have no thoughts of my own.

I am no automaton,

Despite my efforts.

I have, without my foreknowledge,

been elected captain of my soul.

I will not will.

I mean, that other guy tried to will once--
You know him, the one with the light?
No, not that one,
the other one.

Yeah, well, he tried to will once,
with his flaming sword,
and flaming wings,
and eyes that burned like suns,
and we all know how that turned out.
All all of them who followed--
a whole fleet of us!
-- they got it bad, too.

So no.
No thank you.
I will not will.

(At least, not until He says it's okay.)
(Then I guess I could give it a shot.)

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