Sit back
And in these days
Remember my ways
will I get out of my cage?
Yes I am a slave

Searching for some freedom
Searching for some freedom

Ishmael said the hippies failed in the '70s because they didn't find the bars to the cage. I don't think we can find them.

That's because there are no bars. There isn't some kind of greater societal deity forcing us to do the things we do. Like Egyptian slaves, we build our own prisons.

Look at Atlas, walking through the projects, the hood on his shoulders. If only he knew he didn't have to carry that burden.

They will taunt him when he puts it down, but nobody can deliver your fate. In the grand scheme of things, what is the death of one person?

Now look, Yeshua Ben Yousef is hanging. They couldn't break him. What was he trying to show us, I wonder? Did he long for our praise? We will remember his sacrifice not because he was a God, but because he was a Man. What are we?

Time will continue without you
So in the end
Its not about you
What did you do?
Who do you love besides you
Beside you, many died in the name of vanity
Many die, in their mind’s eye, for justice
So I say to you
This is nothing new

We are consumers, not by necessity but by choice. We hide behind our toys, desperate to avoid being seen as the humans we really are.

We base our identities off of what other people say about us. We conform, even if that means being a "non-conformist". We look at ourselves through the eyes of people that hate us.

Brick by brick, we build these walls, cementing them together with dried tears and dead dreams. Eventually we will be alone, trapped in the dark shadows of a prison for our souls.

You've got
one tiny moment in time
For life to shine,
Burn away the darkness

-Matisyahu's "I will be light"

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