Node Volley, Round 3: Nostalgia, endlessly.

How to commit stylistic forgery:
loose your bones, let limp lie your tendons,
For rules cannot create a love affair
nor can magic ever really be engraved or taught.

How to commit stylistic forgery?
One asks the insects, for it is so deep in their bones,
they who are eaten by birds and never know their parents.
But there are many invisible paths of knowledge.

Forge a style and commit to it;
we are understanding made flesh, the four phases of matter
and the four elements, hammering and shaping
molecular code and vast stretches of time and so many trials.

And before every echo is an echo
in the fluid dance between the small and the large
and things lying dormant and things bursting forth---
your face in the morning, good morning

Node Volley, Round 5: If you want somebody's heart, catch it when they cut it out

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